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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A DJ

10. Any song, any artist
9. All music styles
8. More efficient stage area
7. DJ can play dinner, cocktail and dance music
6. No breaks
5. Better volume control
4. Greater musical value
3. Two words, “Cupid Shuffle”
2. DJ can please more guests
1. Built in Master of Ceremonies & Icebreaker


First of all, if you’re planning a wedding in the near future, let us be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! These weeks of planning and preparing can be pretty exhausting, but they all lead up to one of the most wonderful days of your life.

If you had to choose three words to describe your wedding day, which ones would you choose?

Perhaps words like Elegant, Classy, and Unique. Or how about Fun, Memorable and Romantic? Maybe you’d choose three different words altogether. The point is, with WQSB / WKXX DJ Services, there’s no such thing as a “typical wedding.”

We will work WITH you to plan every aspect of your special day. We’ll meet with you beforehand to create a music program custom-tailored to your taste. Then, we’ll incorporate your ideas and offer creative suggestions to ensure an enjoyable, care-free and truly personalized event.

School Dances

Performing at several school events per year, our staff regularly performs at proms, homecoming dances, after-the-game dances, college formals, middle school events, and elementary school events almost every weekend.

We base our shows on requests, so the music being played has been chosen by the crowd. All of our songs are radio edits, and if there is not an acceptable radio edit of a particular song, we will not play it. Our objective is to create an exciting, clean environment for dancing and fun.

We use only professional equipment and bring an impressive setup to each school dance. Whether it is an after-the-game dance or a huge Homecoming, you can expect the best sound and lighting from WQSB / WKXX DJ Services. Our equipment is versatile and can fit any party’s needs.


Relieve stress, promote camaraderie and have some fun! If your company is suffering from boring party-itis, maybe it’s time to try something different!
WQSB / WKXX DJ Services specializes in fun, interactive music and entertainment that employees of all ages will enjoy. We can help you “break the ice” with team-building activities that your co-workers will be talking about for months to come.

WQSB / WKXX DJ Services will work WITH you to plan and prepare every aspect of your party. We’ll put together a music and activity program that will guarantee employee involvement. We’ll discuss ideas and offer creative suggestions to ensure an enjoyable and successful event for you and your company.

Special Events

WQSB / WKXX DJ Services just doesn’t do weddings, school dances, & corporate parties; we do all types of event from anniversaries to 18th, 21st, 40th etc. birthday bashes,, just for the fun of it parties, summer balls, and student leaving parties. Further more we do it week in week out so experience is not an issue. We have a vast library of tunes for different types of event. You are welcome to request various music.

Requests are welcome on the night as they help the DJ to determine where to head with the style or genre of music at any given moment of the evening. We sometimes are handed an entire set list for the night. Don’t be afraid to send a few requests in advance.

Our DJ’s

We have strived not to be the biggest, but the best entertainment value in the area. 90% of our business is wedding related. A wedding can be looked at as a huge theatrical event. You have a cast; wedding party, family & friends. You have behind-the-scene people; photographer & banquet staff. Everyone is looking for entertainment. That’s us. Our extraordinary Disc Jockeys work at making your party come to life. What does that mean to you? Your event will go off without a hitch. No worries. No running around trying to coordinate all the details yourself. Just sit back, relax, socialize and have the time of your life.